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People are people...not labels.

Some of the people...
Different types of stereotyping.

Different types of stereotyping.

There are so many different ways people stereotype. Here I'm going to try to explain why people do stereotype others.


Marilyn Monroe had a huge influence in the stereotyping of girls especially blondes. She had such a big influence on people that they started to think that they have to be like her in order to be famous. In order to be like her they had to wear skimpy clothes and basically be this air-head who got famous for being beautiful. I think when we think now-a-days that actresses have to be beautiful came from when she was famous.

Here are some of the different types of stereotyping.

-Teen's often get stereotyped because often times there are teenagers who are up to no good. People think that if there are teens who do drugs or who steal that there must be more out there so when a teenager walks into a store it's obvious that the people that work there watch them instead of the mom with her 6-year-old.

-These days, due to September 11th, a lot of people stereotype people from Iraq and those countries around there. Lots of people think that since the terrorists of September 11th were from foreign countries, that there are more people who will terrorize something so they double-check them at airports and they're stopped frequently by police for nothing. That's not fair especially considering so many of the people from those countries are here because they're trying to escape their own country.

-Often cheerleaders are stereotyped at their schools for being the popular, mean girls. Now often times there are the popular, mean girls on the cheerleading team but more often the people are just doing what they like to do and that is cheer. Not every single girl on a cheerleading team is mean or popular, that's just a stereotype.

-There are tons of different stereotypes at highschools between kids. If a person wears clothes that look older or don't match or they look old, people say that they don't have any money so they must not be cool or they must be geeky. If a girl wears clothes that show more skin then normal, they are considered either "cool" or skimpy. If a boy wears his pants really low or his shirts really long he is considered a bully or one of the people who's tough so you better watch out. It sounds kind of lame but a lot of the time, that's really what people think.

-There's been a stereotype against womena for years saying that women were meant to stay at home and take care of the house and the kids while the husband made the money. There was even a law saying that women weren't aloud to work, only men could. In some countries, there are still laws taking away womens rights. Think about it. We would only be half as far as we are now without women.

Don't stereotype. Give people a chance.