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People are people...not labels.

Some of the people...
Different types of stereotyping.

Some of the people...


This page is where I'll list some of the different people who are/have been objected to stereotyping.

Here are actual people who have been effected by stereotyping.


-An obvious one would be Hitler. He stereotyped the Jews and had thousands killed for having a different religion than him.

-Emily Marcuz was a 16-year-old cheerleader at her school when one day, a girl who 3 of the other cheerleaders had making fun of for a long time, killed Emily so that she wouldn't make fun of her like the other 3 did. If that's not connecting, she stereotyped Emily by saying that all cheerleaders are the same.

-Ashtez Odeh was a 12-year-old boy who lived in a small town in Afganistan. He was shot by a US trooper while he was bringing medicine home for his mother. The gun shots had scared him so he ran then the man shot him because they asumed he was like the other terrorists that were running away from them. 

-Sisters Samantha and Michaela Kendal were made fun of all their lives. Samantha was in grade 11 and Michaela was in grade 9. Samantha got made fun of for being over-weight and Michaela for being her sister. They both went on a hunger strike to try to lose weight but both of them died. No one was ever nice and everyone just asumed that they would never be cool enough to be their friends because they were over-weight or had a sister who was.

-Abtein Mashel, a 24-year-old native american, moved to Texas. A man murdered him because when the man was a young boy, his father had been killed by a native american man. The man that killed Abtein killed him for 2 reasons. One: He wanted to get revenge for the death of his father. 2: Abtein was a native american and a native american had killed his father.

Don't stereotype. Give people a chance.